Vietnamese Bistro Delights North Houston

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There are few Vietnamese restaurants in the Champions area on the north side of Houston. One of them—Ba Mien Bistro—stands out for its fresh flavors, French influence and welcoming décor.

Ba Mien Bistro is owned and operated by sisters Huyen and Tien Khuc. Neither of them had prior experience in the service industry prior to opening Ba Mien Bistro, but they had both long dreamed of owning a restaurant. So when the previous owner of Ba Mien put the bistro up for sale, the sisters jumped on the opportunity to buy it. With the support of their family, Huyen and Tien have poured their hearts and souls into the bistro to create a unique dining experience.

The restaurant is perhaps best known for its delicious pho, a Vietnamese soup usually made with beef stock, unique combinations of spices, thin noodles, lots of fresh vegetables and chicken, beef or tofu. Other items I tried from Ba Mien’s menu include a grilled pork sandwich, which is very simple – but tasty – and focuses on the freshly cut vegetables, a little butter and a fresh baguette. I also had the chicken, pork and shrimp spring rolls with peanut sauce and a touch of sriracha hot sauce; I confess I’m a wimp with hot sauce, so I don’t add the standard sriracha sauce to my food. As dessert, macaroons and Vietnamese coffe, which Ba Mien serves either iced or hot brew.

Ba Mien also offers a wide selection of different varieties of vermicelli bowls, spring rolls, pho, rice plates. The bistro also dedicates a portion of its menu to vegetarian plates.

I spoke with a few of the guests while I was there, and learned that Ba Mien has a loyal following who enjoy the bistro, and who are amazed at how hard the Khuc sisters work, something I witnessed myself as the sisters buzzed in and out of the kitchen taking care of the continuous flow of guests.

Tien Khuc, tells me her young daughter has dreams of becoming a baker, something she is proud of and fully supports. Khuc says the customers have welcomed the duo with open arms and the sisters look forward to a bright future bringing Vietnamese food to north Houston.

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