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More than ever before, we see the Travel Channel coming to Houston to explore food destinations in our city. Such is the case with Juan Mon’s International Sandwiches. When I heard the Travel Channel was coming to film the sandwich shop as part of their program entitled “Sandwich Paradise,” I had to check it out.

Juan Mon’s International Sandwiches is a neighborhood sandwich shop that focuses on making sandwiches inspired in some of the world’s major cities, such as London, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, and Tokyo. All sandwiches are $6.00 and are named for a city that owner Juan Montero has visited.

Montero’s career making sandwiches started when he was a kid, when he would sell his lunch sandwich to his classmates. As an adult, his sister started working for an airline and the two siblings started traveling the world, igniting dreams of his own sandwich shop. Juan Montero is not just thinking about cities for inspiration, he also works toward making his business as green as possible. Montero is constantly looking for green features that he can implement in his business, starting with the mode of transportation he uses to get to work: Montero rides a bike to work and back every day.

Juan Mon’s International Sandwiches has a laid back atmosphere that reminds me of a shop on the beach, a friendly atmosphere where everybody knows your name if you’re a regular (with apologies to Norm and “Cheers”). Everything is made fresh and there is a full bar and very easy to follow menu.

Although Montero has been to Colombia there is not a sandwich named for one of my homeland cities (no bueno!), but he does serve Aguardiente, a Colombian favorite.

I’m from a generation of Colombians that kind of missed the sandwich movement. My mother and grandmother always cooked full meals and we rarely ate a sandwich, so I’m still learning to appreciate them.

The cities and sandwiches I tried:
On this visit I had the Buenos Aires sandwich; bolillo bread, breaded chicken milanesa, Oaxaca cheese, lettuce and tomatoes, Chipotle salsa and avocado. The Amsterdam sandwich; baguette bread, ham and eggs, dijon mustard, cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes. The San Diego sandwich; bolillo bread, carne asada, Oaxaca and cheddar cheese, and french fries. Can’t find your hometown in the menu? There is the My Hometown sandwich, which is your customized sandwich.
Juan Mon’s International Sandwiches will also have a food truck coming to a neighborhood near you.
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