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East Meets West at Japaneiro’s: MyFoxHOUSTON.com

To the unsuspecting eye Japaneiro’s might look like another sushi place. Or is it a Latin grill? Or maybe both? The best way to explain it: a Latin girl marries a Japanese guy and they both cook! Whenever I mention this place to a friend their first reaction is that of confusion: What do you mean Japanese andLatin restaurant?

Nom nom nom

In this age of fusions, Japaneiro’s is a veteran I have been visiting for the better part of eight years. I’m never disappointed with their food, I’m always happy to go back, and now I finally know their story.

Eleven years ago Japaneiro’s started out as a smaller restaurant in New Territory, but of course as the secret got out business boomed and more room was needed. A location was selected at Town Square, and the rest is history. Victor and Robert (two brothers originally from Venezuela) are now managing the restaurant with Vinnie as their general manager.

Japaneiro’s is mainly a sushi restaurant that combines the meticulous Japanese tradition of making sushi with the color variety and tropical flavors of Latin cuisine. Some of the Latin accents are fried yucca, tostones (fried green plantain) as well as sweet plantain, and a lot more.

Sugar Land restaurants cater mostly to families, Japaneiro’s however, caters to all kinds of patrons. But, what if you are out with the kids and they don’t show much interest in sushi? Or what is someone just doesn’t feel like having sushi? Well, this is where Japaneiro’s gets really surprising. A selection of tasty sandwiches called Pepitos, as well as Peruvian ceviche, churrasco, skewers and char grilled chicken is available for the more picky eaters. Like my kids.

The Food


My favorite here is the Shaggy Dog, their best seller see the picture and let your mouth water. The Shaggy Dog consists of Shrimp Tempura, cream cheese rolled in soybean paper and topped with shredded Kani, Sriracha and Japanese Mayo. Very tasty.

The Masago Nigiri was next: smelt roe sushi with a raw quail egg on top wow! (A must for me from now on) If you like caviar I recommend the Masago. It has a lighter taste compared to normal caviar while still maintaining the familiar pop. The quail egg on top does not take away from the flavor, but instead adds a creamy dimension. Last but not least, avocado cream soup! Very creamy but light flavored. Simply great.

Of course, there are a few things I just did not have room to try. This time Caribbean Volcano roll is on this list: a warm bed of sweet plantains covered with fresh spicy tuna, avocado, miso broth, coconut milk and sesame seed. How does that sound? Awesome, if you ask me.

After my big lunch, I explored the restaurant and found a ‘Boat’ that someone was brave enough to order. The Boat is basically a 2 foot sushi sampler. If the Boat is prepared for catering then it is twice as big a BIG bad ass boat of sushi!

My only disappointment with Japaneiro’s is that there is only one location in Sugar Land I hope this changes soon. I can’t wait to share this place with everyone!

More Japaneiro’s food!

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