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Peru — By on February 16, 2011 12:56 pm

I’ve had a craving for some traditional Peruvian dishes, so I tried The Lemon Tree Peruvian restaurant with some friends. But clearly when meeting girlfriends out to eat, the main dish is the conversation! We talked mainly fashion, money, work and family. Oh, and crafty Valentine cards.

Then we turned to the food, which included Jalea (fried pieces of fish with fried yucca and onion sauce); pescado a la chorrillana (fish with tomato onions sauce and white rice); last but not least squid in its ink.

We also had a side of Cancha which is dry fried corn, and for dessert Lucuma meringue which is a tropical fruit and this dessert was really creamy and rich.

Although The Lemon Tree has a great selection of seafood dishes, they did not have some of the popular selections that I crave. The dishes I really wanted to have were Causa (stuffed potato), Cilantro rice with duck and Anticuchos. Of these dishes I look for, the most unusual to American taste buds is the Anticuchos, which is basically a kabob of beef heart.I’m not sure I’ll find that any time soon.

Thanks to my girlfriends for trying something new and catching up on all that fashion! Now back to my search.

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