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HOUSTON (FOX 26) – Indian food takes on a variety of styles, depending on the region and the restaurant. In Montrose, one Indian restaurant is all about the cooking of one woman. The restaurant is Indika, and the woman is owner Anita Jaisinghani. Jaisinghani recently sat down and talked to food blogger Maya Fasthoff about her restaurant.

“This is a personal journey about a woman who grew up in India, lives in America now, and cooks,” she told Fasthoff. “I use very traditional cooking methods, but it is my own unique take on Indian food.” Jaisinghani says she always talked about opening a restaurant, but a few years ago got serious about it and went to work at another restaurant to gain experience before opening up Indika.

While Fasthoff was visiting Indika, Jaisinghani had her signature salad, what she calls a take on Indian street food, made up for a tasting. It contains romaine lettuce, black beans, sliced tandoori chicken and cilantro, tamarind and cilantro sauces.

Fasthoff said the sweetness and spice of the salad are a perfect combination.

Indika is located at 516 Westheimer Rd, 4 blocks east of Montrose Blvd.

For more information on Indika as well as information about Indika’s cooking classes, go to:
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