Authentic Louisiana Creole Underground

America, Creole — By on August 20, 2011 5:22 am

HOUSTON – There’s another world beneath the urban concrete jungle that is downtown Houston.

The Tunnels connect much of downtowns underground, keeping workers dry and cool as they move from parking garages to buildings during the week.

But the tunnels are more than an air-conditioned walkway.

Finding Yummy Goodies Underground at Treebeards:

There’s an underground economy of shops and restaurants.

Treebeards is one of the most popular places to chow down in the underground.

The restaurant has 3 locations above ground, but its Tunnel location attracts a massive lunchtime crowd of downtown diners.

The traditions of the underground establishment match those of the other Treebeards in town: down home Southern-Cajun cooking made with love by employees who have worked there for decades, owner Jolie Stinneford said.

Among the most popular items: beans & rice with sausage, chicken and sausage gumbo and fried catfish.

To help deal with the lunchtime crowds, the tunnel restaurant also has a separate takeout operation for workers who want to eat at tables set up in the tunnels or to take back to their offices.


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  1. jesus amarillas says:

    I saw your report on the news , I am fromout of towm, can you please send me the address and mane of the gumbo restaurant, thank you

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