Latin Bites: A Peruvian Hideaway

Peru, South America, Tapas — By on April 11, 2011 5:35 pm

I finally went to a restaurant I have been hearing about for some time. Latin Bites is kind of hidden on the edges of downtown Houston, small place with great variety of patrons and food.

I ordered three appetizers and loved them all. I have to go back to try some more!

First I had Causitas, whipped potatoes presented as a trio. Causita with chicken salad (left), Causita with shrimp escabeche (middle), Causita with bell peppers (right).

Then Tacu-Tacus, slow cooked rice and beans cakes with three meats stewed, shredded and one with a BBQ like sauce. Finally, I had the Leche de Tigre which is the concentrated juice produced when making ceviche. This is a very, very lime tasting fluid and Latin Bites serves it with some fish at the bottom of the shot glasses, it is called the Peruvian Viagra.

Great presentation and definitely woke me up!

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