Colombian-Style Rotisserie at Dodo’s Chicken

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Funny name, awesome chicken

For my first interview on Fox 26 News I chose one of my old standbys, Dodo’s Chicken. Many of you haven’t heard of Dodo’s, but it’s been around for 17 years, and I’ve been a fan from the start. Ivan Catano is the owner of Dodo’s, but he didn’t name the place. The name came from his son who, as a little boy, would say ‘dodo’ all the time.

What’s so good about Dodo’s Chicken is that it’s not just tasty Colombian food staples, it’s that they serve fast food, Colombian style. You’ll find the usual dishes like fried sweet plantains, cassava fingers, white corn bread and rice and beans, but the star of the show is the roasted chicken. I’m not a huge fan of chicken wings, but the wings are probably my favorite thing to eat at Dodo’s. The flavor accumulates on the wings and the salty delicious spices are finger-licking awesome! So even if you are not a wing person, you have to try them. Join me on my visit to Dodo’s Chicken:

South American Food at Dodo’s Chicken:

Growing up in Colombia, I have fond memories of going to a local restaurant called Kokoriko for roasted chicken, and I can always re-live those memories by making a quick stop at Dodo’s. But it’s not just us Colombians who frequent the place. In any given day you can find a fair representation of Houston’s diverse population. Some enjoy their meal with a bit of salsa music and Colombian sodas, like Manzana and Colombiana, while dining at the restaurant. Others take it to go. Whether you eat there or order to go, one thing is for sure, you’ll walk out with a smile on your face. Oh, and be ready to share with the office folks, too. I remember one day when I took my Dodo’s lunch to the office, and after they had a taste I had to go right back to get food for everyone else. They loved it! Something that I’ve always loved about this place is that Ivan knows pretty much everyone who walks through the door. You don’t find that very often anymore.

Well, I’ve satisfied my chicken craving for now; one country down, many more to go. Stay tuned!

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  1. mfasthoff says:

    Hi all!
    This was the first place I visited in my adventure to showcase restaurants from around the world right in our city, Houston. There will be many more “travels” to come. Tonight there will be a surprising combination of flavors, so stay tuned!
    Visit me on Facebook for pics and more links to the places I visit.

  2. Aldo Ortiz says:

    It was so refreshing seeing something so positive about Colombia in the News Today…Thank you ! I enjoyed the report.

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