Cooking Class With Robb Walsh

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Chili gravy cheese enchilada

On Sunday I attended a cooking class with Robb Walsh, classic Tex-Mex cuisine guru. A small group of food fans attended with our eyes and ears wide open to take in every cooking secret we could during the two hour class. Walsh shared cooking secrets, anecdotes and some beer while trying to stick to his recipe for chili gravy cheese enchiladas. My friend Kellianne and I had a chance to help and do some plating, and the best secret we learned was to use freshly roasted and grounded chili peppers and cumin, that makes a huge difference in flavor.


Click this link to check out the pictures from Houston Press.


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  1. Susan Terry says:

    So nice to meet you and what a fun time the class was. Glad I got to know about your blog as well!

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