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As is expected in Houston, our international flare touches every aspect of food and culture. The art of Chocolate making is no exception, and w chocoholics, have our favorite spots for satisfying the chocolate cravings. I recently discovered another hot spot that adds a different twist to the local chocolate world.

Annie Rupani, the young entrepreneur behind Cacao & Cardamom, has combined her Pakistani-American background in unique chocolate flavors that have become some of my favorites.

For Annie, chocolate was a stress reliever while studying for the LSAT,  and while doing volunteer work in Pakistan, Annie decided to pursue her  passion for chocolate.

Eager to learn, Annie took a flash chocolatier course in Malaysia where she was able to tailor the curriculum to what she wanted to learn. Later, back in the States and armed with the knowledge on how to create unique flavors and shapes, Annie started Cacao & Cardamom. Here, seemingly unrelated flavors are brought together thanks to Annie’s cultural background and cultural experiences.

The jewel colored candies are perfect bite size with modern designs and shapes. These are hand-crafted by Annie with great precision, and inspired by the seasons. As for the flavors, they are unexpected combinations that work together divinely. Some of my favorites are Guava Tamarind (my absolute favorite) to Cocoa Curry, Mango Caramel, Cardamom Rose which tastes a little smokey and is delicious.

For the holidays expect Sweet Potato Pie, Pumpkin Caramel, Peppermint, Cranberry Rosemary Caramel, Ginger Bread and Sage. The combinations are endless, and with Houston’s multicultural background, flavors can be pulled from many cultures to be sweetly mixed in Rupani’s chocolates.

All the flavors are very well balanced and not overwhelmingly sweet, when you try them you will realize there is an entirely different chocolate world out there…good luck finding just one favorite flavor.

Cacao and Cardamom will open its first location early 2013 at 3600 Kirby.



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